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Are you in the market to buy a high end car?  There are some factors to keep in mind.image  Peter Bleakney on the talks about 10 features you should look for:

Here are 10 state-of-the-art features discerning buyers can expect to find in their next luxury car:
The Screen Scene: Just like home TVs, automotive infotainment screens are getting bigger and sharper. BMW launched a 10.2-incher in its 650i luxury coupe last year, but Lexus trumps that with a 12.3-inch unit in its new GS 350.
More than just about size, these screens can be split to provide a full navigation display along with other selected info. You can also watch DVDs when the car is stopped.
In some Audi models, a 7-inch screen flips up out of the dash on start-up and, if equipped with MMI Touch, a backlit touch pad recognizes fingertip writing for entering letters and numbers for navigation.  Read the rest here.

No reason not to get started looking for your new luxury car.  For some ideas check out  Exotic Cars (First Gear).

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