Jamaican Luxury Vacation

Why not take a break and enjoy the fruits of your success?  A nice tropical breeze has a  way of getting rid of any stress.  To top it off, why not stay in a resort based on one of the must successful men in fiction – James Bond?   Jason Sheftell talks about the Goldeneye resort in Jamaica:

There aren’t many resorts in the world with as much going for them as Jamaica’s Goldeneye.
Jay-Z’s blog “Heavy Hitter” called it the “hideout to visit.” It’s on the oceanfront property where James Bond creator Ian Fleming built his vacation home. And Sting wrote “Every Breath You Take” in one of the villas.
This resort, owned and run by Chris Blackwell, the music legend who discovered Bob Marley, has more stories and more to do and see than most Caribbean countries. Read the rest here.

While you’re there brush up on your mixology – shaken, not stirred

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