Grooming Tips for the Successful Man

Nice post on Article Rich about grooming tips for the Successful Man.  Check out this site also for grooming secrets for men. Top 5 Men's Grooming Tips For Preventing Balding (And Improving Your Appearance) by Rahim Jiwani I know you've thought about balding because as a man, everybody has. So don't feel out of place. You shouldn't. Baldness is like a cancer that screws at least 60% of men. If you're already balding, don't worry. These 5 secret tricks are based off scientific research and Read more [...]
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Traits of a Successful Man

What do you think are the traits that have made you successful?  I like ability to see the  silver-lining, perseverance, honestly.  These are but a few that I think have helped me get to where I am today.  Kiley Alderink over at Shave Magazine talks about what he thinks are the 10 Traits of Highly Successful Men:We live in a world that's changing everyday, yet successful men share traits that are as timeless as they are evident. From Andrew Carnegie to Warren Buffet, all the way Read more [...]
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Jamaican Luxury Vacation

Why not take a break and enjoy the fruits of your success?  A nice tropical breeze has a  way of getting rid of any stress.  To top it off, why not stay in a resort based on one of the must successful men in fiction – James Bond?   Jason Sheftell talks about the Goldeneye resort in Jamaica:There aren’t many resorts in the world with as much going for them as Jamaica’s Goldeneye. Jay-Z’s blog “Heavy Hitter” called it the “hideout to visit.” It’s on the oceanfront Read more [...]
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Looking for a Dream House?

Looking for a dream house?  There’s a $13.9 million one available in Las Vegas.  While that might be cheap for California, it is the most expensive in Las Vegas.The garage can house 17 cars. The pool is 2500 square feet.  Read more about it in John M. Glionna’s story in the LA Times:Among all the special places inside his sprawling 10,700-square-foot mountaintop home, Daniel Coletti savors the vibe inside the living room most. It's a luxury dreamscape distinguished by mammoth Read more [...]
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Buy a High End Car

Are you in the market to buy a high end car?  There are some factors to keep in mind.  Peter Bleakney on the talks about 10 features you should look for:Here are 10 state-of-the-art features discerning buyers can expect to find in their next luxury car: The Screen Scene: Just like home TVs, automotive infotainment screens are getting bigger and sharper. BMW launched a 10.2-incher in its 650i luxury coupe last year, but Lexus trumps that with a 12.3-inch unit in its new GS 350. Read more [...]
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